Spiritual Forecast for Humanity [Weekend of June 23, 2018]

Deck: Fountain Tarot

This forecast taps into the human shared consciousness for the weekend of June 23, 2018 and brings us a message for beings all across the globe. This time, it is particularly relevant for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

With the Summer Solstice just a couple of days behind us, it is very meaningful for The Sun to appear in this reading. The beginning of Summer brings us the full strength of our Sun, shining a bright light onto our awareness of the world around us. This light reaches all corners of the world, illuminating with the brightness of the Spirit. This brings us an opportunity for clear, true seeing during this weekend. May we allow this joyful Sun to cast a light of happiness on all that our eyes encounter.

The Sun and its related flurry of activity at the start of new seasons on Earth can bring a light that may be a bit too bright if our minds are not prepared to process it. When all that was hiding is brought to full sight, restlessness can set in as we strive to act, accomplish, and resolve perceived issues. While this is indeed a good time to examine those aspects of ourselves that need a light shed on them, we must stay mindful and grounded, lest the peace of spiritual discovery be replaced by frantic striving and clinging to results, even lofty spiritual ones.

The energies are high in the world, as beings all over get ready for the enjoyment of this weekend. Surrounding this flurry of activity is an energy of determination and accomplishment. With our sights aided by the Sun, we clearly see all the challenges that can come flying at us, as seen by the Seven of Wands which is the second card in this reading. We are met with the sudden realization of all there is to do, to accomplish, to conquer. On the Fountain Tarot used for this reading, it seems that the rays of The Sun find expression as the six wands that attack the man on the Seven of Wands card. While we welcome the warmth, we stand up and get ready to tackle the fights of life and of the spiritual path.

“This weekend is such a great opportunity”, we may think, “to do so much! I can catch up on my meditation, on those books that I need to finish… on those things that need to be manifested, on the Spirit that must be reached.” Certainly, we have the higher ground in this (as shown by the intrepid man’s position on the ladder steps) and are poised with strength and focus to clear our inner temple and approach those practices that need our attention at the moment. Let us beware, however, that acting and doing is no substitute for the purity of the peace of simply Being.

This weekend, the Knight of Swords invites us to indeed take action in those aspects of our spiritual practice that could use a boost of inspiration and renewed effort as we enter the summertime. However, he beckons us not to act with a spirit of anxiety or need to accomplish; but with clarity of mind on what matters: the peace of our minds, the joy of our hearts, the simple pleasure of being, the honor to share this love with our brothers and sisters on Earth in immaterial or material ways. We can see a progression from the challenge-driven man on the Seven of Wands, to the summit-reaching man that is the Knight of Swords. The message is to see those conflicts and challenges, shine the bright light of the Sun on them, and take action on what really matters according to our inner wisdom, letting go of spiritual accomplishing that is superfluous, unnecessarily, or non-urgent.

In sum, we are called as human beings this weekend to enjoy and appreciate the Sun and this fresh burst of enthusiasm that it brings to mankind. We may feel surrounded by challenges and a clinging to doing and accomplishing; while we would be wise to utilize this present enthusiastic power to energize our spiritual path, we must keep a level-minded awareness of what really needs our attention, what does not, and what we can let go of. In through all this, do not forget to be like the baby in The Sun card and embody that playful, joyful mode of being that is a reflection of our true selves.

Be in the Light!

The deck used in this reading was the wonderful The Fountain Tarot. To obtain a deck, click here.