Reading for Humanity [Tue, 6/26/18]

Deck: Lumina Tarot

Today’s Tarot reading brings powerful female energy. Yesterday, the week started with the raw mental and emotional potential of two Aces (Swords and Cups, respectively).
Today, the Lumina Tarot’s fierce Maiden (Page) of Swords beckons us to transform the raw mental potential of yesterday’s Ace of Swords and embody them into ideas, plans, great decisions and excellent choices for our lives. These ideas and decisions could refer to tangible aspects of life such as plans for financial growth, creative expression or for spiritual development. Listen to the calling of your heart today and use your intellect (ruled by the Suit of Swords) to devise ways to bring those intentions into reality.

Our second card, the Queen of Pentacles, is here to represent the full female embodiment of the materialization of those wonderful ideas and decisions that we have made. This strong Queen is here to remind us to keep our thoughts and plans practical, grounded, and subject to actual, tangible manifestation. If you have grand plans for financial well-being, check on their feasibility. If your heart burns for a new or old passion project, make sure you have laid down a concrete path for its expression. If you want to become more dedicated in your spiritual path, get in touch with the techniques, discipline and practice that keep you grounded on the road of awakening. While larger-than-life dreams have their place and time and do come true, today we are being called to cut through the distraction and dedicate our mental energy into practical ideas and plans for the journey ahead; maturing from the idea-filled Maiden to the abundant Queen.

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