Reading for Humanity [Wed, 6/27/18]

The Emperor and The Magician on the  Lumina Tarot

This week started with the potential for beginnings. Yesterday, lovely feminine energy guided us into practical plans for the realization of dreams. Today, the creative masculine powers of two Major Arcana invite us to conquer ourselves and spur into action for the full manifestation of the seeds of intention that we have planted.

THE EMPEROR is here to call on us to take the reins of our inner selves and leave behind any excuses, procrastination, or laziness. Time to bring all aspects of ourselves to order with the intent to focus our personal power towards stabilization of our life
structures, and development of the mastery of the self that is required to realize wonderful things. The Emperor is secure in his powers, knowing that his actions reverberate throughout the world in the creation of benevolent order and growth.

THE MAGICIAN joins our stoic Emperor in providing positive influence upon our ability for self-discipline, echoing the Emperor’s bidding for self-control. He uses all tools at his disposal to create the reality that he dreams of. So too, we are
urged to take inventory of all the assets available to us (talents, skills, lessons, money, wisdom, etc.) and to put those assets to good use in the creation of great things. This guy masterfully manipulates the forces of the Cosmos and of his inner self to make real that which his heart dreams of.

The Emperor and The Magician under today’s Full Moon combine to form a very powerful, dynamic, forward-moving force of creation and realization through self-mastery and self-discipline. Today, allow the beautiful Moon to shine the light of consciousness upon your life, giving you clarity to see where your ideas and action plans have stopped making progress. Then, draw upon this energizing Emperor + Magician combo to be real with yourself about what aspects of your life are in need of self-control, discipline and mastery so that you may use of all the wonderful tools at your disposal for the complete, real and concrete manifestation of your heart and soul’s yearnings.

Deck used: Lumina Tarot.​

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