Reading for Humanity [Fri, 6/29/18] ​

Deck: The Fountain Tarot

Many Swords this week! The Sword Maiden from Tuesday returns today as the The Fountain Tarot‘s Page of Swords. While the Maiden’s advice was to embody our potential into ideas and plans, this Page is a gentle messenger. Last week I had a reading with the amazing Lady Kypri in Palm Springs, and this Page showed up. I loved Lady’s interpretation of that card for me: speak your truth softly and with gentleness of heart. And I am passing this on to you today. After an active, energetic week, we are invited to turn our attention to our mental well-being.

This Page is a clever young man, full of insight. He holds up the sword of truth to cut through illusion. What illusions is he inviting us to undo? The answer is in the 2nd card for today: the 8 of Swords. While yesterday the 9 of Swords (Rx) showed up, inviting us to let go of fear and anxiety; today’s reading shows us how: use the sword of truth to cut through the self-imposed blindfolds blocking our sight. On this card, the woman’s blindfolds are actually transparent; and the swords that seek to pierce her are illusory. As we go thorugh life, we collect a series of false, limiting beliefs about who we are and about the nature of reality. However, through meditation, introspection, mindfulness and dettached observation, we begin to use the sword of truth (true sight) to unravel those carefully concocted, rigid notions regarding the self and the universe.

Our message today is: speak our truth to others with kindness and gentleness of heart; and use our innate abilities of true observation and contemplation to undo all of the thousands of little beliefs that we impose upon reality, thus causing us grief, blindness, and fear. As the week ends, take time to check in with yourself and get in touch with the never-dying, untouched, unblemished, radiant gem of life and Being within yourself. That Being is one and the same with the entire Cosmos, so remember to place your identity in the greatness of universe, letting go of limiting self-concepts or blinding beliefs.

Happy Friday!