Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Week Ahead [July 1, 2018]


Deck:  The Fountain Tarot

Forecast for the week ahead using my “Journey Ahead” spread (spread and instructions to be posted).

1: Path Behind: 2 of Cups: behind us is a week for emotional balance and stability following intense action towards our goals.

2: Path Ahead: 9 of Cups: up ahead is a week of contentment, abundance and generosity. The fulfillment of a wish is possible, so set a positive intention!

3: Headwind: 5 of Coins: challenges ahead include the need for financial moderation and wisdom as it relates to our health. Stay mindful of your budget and of the wellbeing of your body as you get things done!

4: Tailwind: Page of Cups: we will be assisted by a renewed spirit of discovery, wonder and imagination. Ideas will arise from our heart, giving us soul-aligned directions. Pay close attention to those.

5: Guidance: 3 of Coins: we are advised to implement the inspiration from our hearts with mastery, planning, dedication and collaboration. Great week for group efforts! You may need the help of others on your projects.

6: Destination: Queen of Coins Rx: we have potential at arriving this week at a place of comfort and abundance; however, this card being reversed, that comfortable place is not a guarantee: follow the advice of the previous card and catch a ride with the Headwind card in order to arrive there. Otherwise, your efforts may be blocked.

So only Cups and Coins (Pentacles) in this reading for this week. Fullness of the heart and alignment with our deep callings; coupled with financial discipline, collaborate work and implementation will bring us to the port of abundance.

All aboard!