READING FOR HUMANITY! [Monday 7/2/18] ​

Happy Monday! Today we have great energies of self-empowerment and success to begin the week.


We got The Hierophant today. This card on the Lumina Tarot shows a modern shaman, a contemporary mystic, proudly holding up a skull surrounded by a halo of sacred geometry and color. I believe that we are all miracle workers and teachers, and that every human being has been entrusted with a mission here on planet Earth. This mission may be of a spiritual or metaphysical nature, or it may be work and career–blessing others with our gifts and talents. So, the High Priest is here to remind us to refresh and re-inspire ourselves with the mission of our hearts and proudly go about today and this week with a renewed sense of purpose in our actions, in our interactions with others, and in our work. You are also invited to check in with your spirit and take a few minutes to dedicate to your inner practice: meditate, do some breathing exercises, say a prayer (for yourself or for others), or learn something new.

This mystical self-empowerment is reflected again in the next card, the 6 of Wands, which is a card of leadership, victory, success and recognition. Coupled with The Hierophant, this card shows the accomplishment and conquering that is possible through our work of love and through the sharing of passions, talents and gifts with the world. While we give for the sake of giving, we are invited to gain victory and recognizition through the outshining of our wonderful, brilliant, pure inner selves with this world that at times seems so dark and in dire need of light.

So step into your inner High Priest today, whether at work, school or anywhere in life; be proud of your heritage and of your inner truth; embody the mission you’ve been entrusted with; and gallop confidently into the pure success, accomplishment and recognition that comes from being a leader in Spirit and in truth.

Go get’em!