“Journey Ahead” Tarot Spread

Journey Ahead Tarot Spread Mantis Guidance Oracle

I created this spread to gain guidance and clarity regarding the path ahead. The shape of the spread is meant to resemble a ship and its sail. I initially designed it to use on Sundays as a “week ahead” spread, and that’s how I mainly use it [see it in action here]. However, I have found that this spread is good and useful for gaining insight into any period of time ahead of us; and into any ventures we may be going into.

1. PATH BEHIND. This position represents what is in the wake of the present moment. It is the situation, circumstance or state of mind that we are leaving behind but that is setting the stage for the present. It is a very important position, because it sets the foundation for the reading. This will be the card that the Tarot will be using to sort of set the theme for the remaining cards. So pay close attention to it!

2. PATH AHEAD. This is what we are to encounter in the future as we journey forward. Together with the Path Behind card, it tells the story of what aspect of our lives we are called to focus on. This position could indicate a happening that is around the corner, or again a state of mind to be watchful for.

3. HEADWIND. This is the wind that life is throwing at us in opposition to our forward movement. It represents the forces ahead that may oppose or obstruct our venture. It may represent challenges ahead, and things to watch out for. If a “positive” card shows up as your challenge, consider its shadow side in your interpretation. For instance, if you get The Sun here, it could mean that you are having a too sunny or overtly optimistic outlook when in fact a bit of realism is needed.

4. TAILWIND. This is the wind that the Universe is blowing in the same direction that we are going. In other words, it represents those forces or events that will help, assist, and propel us forward. Take note of what card appears here and draw on its strength to carry on. If a “negative” card shows up, try to think of it as a difficulty that you will have conquered. For instance, if you get the Ten of Swords in this position, it could mean that despite any suffering or anguish, this current cycle is being completed, giving you a chance at a fresh start.

5. GUIDANCE. This is the classic “Advice” card. It represents your compass, the guidance to be mindful of when the seas ahead of you get foggy and your sight is not clear.

6. DESTINATION. This is the classic “Outcome” position. It represents the likely result of the current path you are on. If you don’t like where you are headed, remember that you are at the helm of your life and can steer it into a different destination!

Again, this post will show you an example in interpreting this spread.

I hope you enjoy this spread and that it provides you with guidance and direction on your lovely journey in life. Bon voyage!