Tarot Reading for Humanity [7/3/18]

After an odd, strange sojourn through the subconscious waters of Dreamland, I drew some cards this morning for the daily Reading for Humanity. However, I feel like the cards had a message just for me instead. I am still sharing in hopes that it will resonate with anyone. For these three Minor Arcana cards, I will be using numerology and suit association to help interpret.

Deck: Lumina Tarot

10 of Swords: 10 signifies completion at the end of a cycle. It brings the full expression of the suit into being. With Swords being the suit of mind, mental processes, decisions (as well as mental anguish and suffering), the full weight of the expression of the human mind is brought upon ourselves. That is not always pleasant. In fact, it may feel like a multitude of thoughts, beliefs, rogue ideas and the decisions of a lifetime are stabbing us all over. This process is a necessary one, however. Like the vulture in the card, the flesh of our self concepts is being picked clean. In its place, new life will arise as another cycle begins.

4 of Cups: 4 is the number of structure and stability. In the suit of Cups (water; emotions, relationships and subconscious), it is often associated with emotional stagnation. Here, however, it refers to a period of rest for our hearts and for our subconscious self; a moment of regeneration for the wounded soul. From there, we can begin to let the water flow again as we embark in one more of the thousands of little journeys that we go through in life.

6 of Swords: Once that emotional grounding is gained, we pick ourselves up and prepare for a new phase of mind and heart, having learned the lessons and gained the knowledge brought by the previous completion of a mental cycle. 6 is a number of integrative harmony following conflict. We regain our footing and set sail towards calmer waters and eventually firm ground. The terrain ahead is a bit dark, but the guiding stars are bright in the background. A positive transition towards the new cycle is at hand.

So, there we have it: completion, rest and transition into the new. This is our simple message of today, to be applied in whatever area of your life resonates with you.

Remember to always be kind to yourself (I mean, really!) and to practice forgiveness of yourself and of others on a daily basis. Don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness in any area of your life. It will cause miracles!
Thank you!