Tarot Reading for Humanity [Fourth of July 2018]

Happy Independence Day! It is getting super hot here in the desert. So fittingly today we got an upside down cactus as part of our reading (see second picture for the upright 7 of Pentacles in its native cactus habitat).

Deck: Lumina Tarot

The 7 of Pentacles is a card of hard work, investment, perseverance, and longing to see the fruits of our labor. The cactus in the illustration is a slow grower, but with patience it collects enough water over time to produce beautiful flowers. Today it appeared reversed. This may show our frustration at having invested time, money or energy into a venture, situation or relationship that has proven to be wasteful and not a good use of our resources.

The card in its native habitat

Thankfully, the 7 of Pentacles card depicts the cycle of the moon, reminding us that even if we were not so wise in our efforts, the cycle goes on and another opportunity at wiser decisions arrives. The Ace of Wands is here to show us that at any time we can choose again. We can choose again to invest in something new. We can forgive ourselves for our past choices and move forward with new purpose and determination, trusting that our efforts will pay off in the end.

In a neat little sequence, the card after the Ace of Wands showed up: the Two of Wands. This card is an evolution of the raw inspirational potential of the Ace, into planning and decisions. The message is to learn our lesson and to plan better next time, with more foresight and insightful application of our efforts.

So, there’s our 4th of July message: identify the ventures in your life that have gone awry and that are sapping your energy; get in touch with the new passion that seeks to emerge in you; and act confidently in deciding to plan a new path ahead.

Have fun and be safe!