Tarot Reading for Humanity! [July 6, 2018]

Well, look who came back again this week. The Lumina Tarot ‘s gorgeous 7 of Pentacles cactus. But this time it’s upright! It’s gonna get close to 120°F today here in the desert, in keeping with the theme!


Looks like all the busyness of yesterday coupled with the Wand Queen power set our priorities straight and caused the 7 of Pentacles to return upright to show us that the reward for our diligence is near, and the fruit of our labor is in sight.

The Pentacles have sworn allegiance to the King of Pentacles, who is a master of his finances, health and life structures. His message is that, if we embody his qualities in an action-oriented way (masculine), we are sure to harvest the work of our life, as deserved!

So the message today is that you’re almost there! Don’t lose the grip on the self discipline, hard work and calm control over yourself; because all these things are planting the seeds of the financial and physical well being and security that are deservedly yours.
Happy Friday!