Tarot Reading for Humanity! [Weekend of July 7, 2018]


In the past week, there may have been some missed opportunities, false starts, responsibilities left undone and dreams left untouched (Ace of Wands, Reversed). But thatโ€™s all right. The nature of our creative endeavors is, much like life itself, of a cyclical nature. We are called to allow the wheel to spin and to transition along towards the new phase of opportunities and reinvigorated effort.


The Six of Swords calls for the mental balance and harmony necessary to forgive ourselves, forgive what was left undone, ask for help when necessary, and take the ferry toward the next stage of productivity and creation. The Eight of Cups joins the previous card in calling for the emotional maturity necessary to leave the baggage behind and move forward with healing and self-love.


After we pass through this gate of emotional and mental maturity and pragmatism, we are led towards the Page of Cups, finding in him a refreshed, reenergized stage of emotional newness, despite the ups and downs of everyday life; and its accompanying wave of ideas, new opportunities, and fresh starts.


So, this weekend, take the time to look back at what was left unaddressed, at any missed opportunities, or at any spiritual misalignment with much self-compassion, forgiveness, emotional and mental maturity and balance. Onward and upward! A new sunrise is ahead. But for now, letโ€™s recharge in the quietness of this mini spiritual night.