Tarot Reading for Humanity! [Week Ahead, 7/8/18]

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Being too comfortable in a current situation can generate complacency, stasis, stagnation.

The Ten of Coins shows a state of completion in the material realm with the adverse effects of blocking transformation, renewal, movement and new life. There is comfort that comes from being materially fulfilled, and then there’s the somewhat false type of comfort that comes when we consider things taken care of simply by our planning to do something about them. Creating a plan may cause temporary relief, but without follow through that relief is false and fleeting.

We were dealt two reversed Major Arcana today, and that’s significant also because I only reverse a few of the cards on the deck for readings. They are warning us of the challenges we may face in the coming week, and show us what is out of balance.

The reversed Hanged Man reflects that inability to continually refresh our perspectives, causing delay in our life and in our evolution. Perpetually stuck in old viewpoints due to complacency, this man fails to commit to action and is content to stay where he is.

The reversed Temperance card again reflects a lack of long-term vision, unwarranted contentment with unsatisfactory current conditions, excess reliance on material comforts (see the 10 of Coins), and unbalance.

So in this coming week we are called to challenge ourselves, call into question the things we overly rely on, get out of our comfort zone and move towards the far-reaching visions for our lives. Strong energies may try to keep us in place this week, so watch out for that!

PS: the second photo highlights The Hanged Man against the backdrop of the yellowing, orange-hued sunset sky at the time of this reading. (The pic doesn’t do much justice 😏)