Reading for Humanity! 7/9/18

Yesterday we foresaw a week in which inertia and energies of inaction would seek to keep us in place. Today the Tarot is showing us how we can deal with those forces. Today we focus on our emotional body, the body of our relationships, and our subconscious mind; and what we can do to enliven those aspects of our lives.

I drew three cards of the Suit of Cups in reverse order: 3 of Cups; 2 of Cups; and Ace of Cups. It’s not often we see cards in sequence like that. When the sequence is reversed, I believe that the Tarot is talking about a deconstructing of the energy of the suit. So in this case, today’s spiritual work involves the breaking down of our emotional state, of our love life, and of subconscious body in order to return to innocence; to go back “home” to a place of simplicity and purity, from whence inspiration and insight can be gained. When we momentarily return to point “One”, we get a glimpse of what led us to the journey we are on in the first place.

I’ll give you an example of what that “deconstructing” may look like. The 3 of Cups signifies our emotional growth, our feelings reflecting upon themselves in an expansion of joy. What generated that joy? It is based upon the state of emotional balance that came from the love that had been established in the 2 of Cups, a card which often means union, partnership, and companionship. But what made that love possible? It was the bursting forth of new possibilities of the heart, of the budding of a new love, that was brought by the Ace of Cups that started us on this path.

That is just an example. You could make a similar “walking back” into any area of your life. And today, you are invited to do just that regarding your emotional state; your love and relationships; and, if you feel inspired, the immensity of your subconscious mind could be up for inspection too.

So I plan on drawing strength today from this wonderful Ace of Cups that depicts a third eye and all of the wonderful visions of new life that it brings. Happy Monday!