Reading for Humanity! 7/10/18

Today stagnation makes an appearance for the third day in a row. The 5 of Pentacles in the beautiful Lumina Tarot shows an apple that has been left sitting, being now rotten and shrivelled up. The life force has stopped moving through it, causing it to decay. The Suit of Pentacles usually deals with the material, financial, and bodily. While the 5 of Pentacles normally means financial adversity, strife and difficulty; I believe today it is here to remind us of the spiritual decay that comes from an unbalanced focus on the material in detriment of the spiritual. We are multifaceted beings, so neglecting one aspect of our lives will usually lead to loss in other areas. In terms of the spiritual path: identification with our bodies, our possessions, and with the physical world causes pain and suffering because our true nature lies in a realm far beyond that which we can physically see. Being disconnected from our original Source saps us of our life force and we end up putrid and rotten like the apple on the card.

The wise Queen of Cups shows that there is an alternative way of being, however. We are all born with the ability to live life from a place of connectedness, deep peaceful abiding, communion with Source, intuitive knowing and spiritual wisdom. The serpent on the card is a symbol for the eternal, for the Ouroboros of infinity and wholeness. The fact that this Queen is duplicated in a reflection shows the state of deep balance that she is in, an emotional and spiritual equilibrium that comes from living as the eternal True Self, and not from the self that is constructed from materials or concepts that are subject to decay.

So today, let’s get in touch with our Spirit and drink from the Queen’s cup of healing, living waters. Meditate for a few minutes. Practice gratitude. Dwell on the Eternal. And live your life on Earth while deeply connected to the mystery that underlies all things.