Reading for Humanity! Well, kinda [7/11/18]

Well look who came back for a second day, the Queen of Cups!

This morning, feeling a little discombobulated due to yet another odd meander in dream world, I drew some cards for my READING FOR HUMANITY! but got a message for myself instead. Still sharing here in case it resonates.

Whereas the Queen yesterday brought a message of spirituality, today she is here to speak of self-compassion. Sometimes self-discipline and control can make us be a bit too harsh on ourselves. This cooling, feminine energy however is always available to soothe our souls. Let’s take good care of ourselves today, emotionally, mentally, spirituality, and physically.

This is a great reminder for me because of all the competing responsibilities and tasks of the day as shown by the 8 of Wands. Between some school work I don’t really want to do, my day job, freelance work, home and of course the Tarot blog; there is just so much ahead today. It feels overwhelming. Part of it is my fault. Which is why self-compassion is the message.

On the other side of this river of responsibilities are the rewarding, cool waters of the 10 of Cups. Seeing them as the same water element as this Queen, and 10 being the number of completion; I see this as encouragement to grab this day by the balls (😊) while drawing on the sense of emotional accomplishment that is available today. But there’s work to be done first.

Interesting to note that both the Cups cards are mirrored, indicating steady states of emotional balance and grounding.

At least we are getting free salad for lunch, according to the boss man.

Happy hump day everyone!