Tarot Reading for Humanity! Inner fulfillment and the Wheel of Time

One of the wonders of Tarot is how it has an insistent way of conveying messages by consistently repeating card(s) in sequential readings. Tuesday’s Queen of Cups came back yesterday; and yesterday’s 10 of Cups came back today (besides also showing up on a personal reading of mine last night).

According to the Lumina Tarot’s little book, the 10 of Cups speaks of emotional fulfillment. You have listened to your passion, heeded the calls of your heart, and positioned yourself as force for goodness, for change, and for the blessing of the world. This makes much sense today, as the Ace of Wands preceding the 10oC shows that burst of inspiration, energy and insight that sang your name for so long; and to which you finally gave in for the love of yourself and others.

The Wheel of Fortune appears after the 10oC with its imposing yet beautiful presence that symbolizes the unimpeded, ever-turning wheel of time, dharma and life. Earth and heavens shall pass, and where are you in all this? History will go on, wars will rage, civilizations will rise and fall… are you still emotional fulfilled in the midst of that?

Yes, yes you are. Because for all our talk of striving and achieving, the 10oC speaks of a fulfillment that is much deeper than the manifest world, the realm of Samsara. It points to the inner contentment, the deep abiding peace that is like a well of eternal water deep within ourselves. Our souls call on us–no, our souls demand of us that we stop and drink; that we release clinging to outcomes; that we cease our endless grasping and simply BE. Contentment is already within. Perfection is already here. We find it now.

And from that place of radical fulfillment, we follow our passions not so that they may complete us; but because we are already complete and desire nothing but to serve and share of our gifts and talents for the awakening of all.