READING FOR HUMANITY! Hanging out with the Inner Knight

There’s been a lot of emotional, watery energy this ending week. We were brought through the vicissitudes of life with the sense of inner strength that comes from emotional balance, self-compassion, spirituality, and radical fulfillment.

To crown all this inner work, the Knight of Cups appears today to make sure we understood the messages of his persistent Queen. This guy on the Lumina Tarot is a rather meditative guy. The cup of his heart is full, and he is now just sitting with it before going on his knightly mission. Despite all the deep subconscious waters of feeling that surround him, he is well anchored in the stable rock of his own Being. The depths of the Moon envelop his thoughts which reach to infinity, represented by the Ourobouros on the background. His message for us today is to relax in the fullness of our hearts, to get in touch with our soul and hang out with it for a little while. We may have the urge to do more, but there will always be more doing awaiting us. Be thankful to yourself and to Spirit for the journey so far, gaining strength before moving on.

I love this rendition of the Seven of Wands. It shows a horned beetle that has its wings ready for flight. It is ready for battle. It has six wands to contend with – six challenges, six adversities, six obstacles. But his own wand is much more powerful than the rest–it is a scepter fitted with a jewel much larger than the others’. This shows that, besides being protected by his shining horned armor, he is in great position to defend himself and hold his ground. But before you go put your own armor on and tackle those things, hang out with your inner Knight for a little while. The breeze is gentle, and the evening is pleasant here.

PS: this Knight is commonly described in Tarot culture as the “Knight in Shining Armor”. Interesting how he was coupled with the horned beetle who is literally bearing a shining metallic armor. Make of that what you will. LOL.