READING FOR HUMANITY! This weekend is on fire, yo.

Deck used: Cosmic Tarot.

We leave behind a week of careful, well-planned work and communal effort guided by our inner compass which is shown on the 3 of Pentacles. The energetic 8 of Wands shows the swiftness, speed and power that we were able to gather in the pursuit of our goals, whether material or spiritual. The card shows that four of the wands fly high above, symbolizing the heavenly strength we were given as we close this week.

Lots of fire energy these coming warm summer days! This weekend, the Princess (Page) of Wands is an invitation for us to use that fire that is burning to get inspired, to catch on fire with ideas for our passion projects in the week ahead. Fittingly, the Two of Wands follows the Princess, again beckoning the making of plans, and of good decisions that will advance us in whatever aspect of life we desire.

The sun is shining and there is great forward momentum today. Enjoy the day but feel free to dream, plan, and get a head start on whatever is calling for advancement in your life.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy your day and be good to yourself and others today. Namaste