Tarot Reading for Humanity! Healthy mental boundaries in the week ahead

This coming week will be about a healthy sense of boundaries in the way we limit our mind, our possibilities, our abilities, and truth.

The Eight is Swords on the Fountain Tarot shows someone that is paralyzed by Swords (thoughts) that are imaginary. She cannot see, but does not realize that her blindfold is of her own making. It is a demonstration of unhealthy mental boundaries: thoughts and ideas that limit the splendor of the world, that wrongly restrict who we are and what we can do.

The Emperor, however, calls attention for a healthy, productive ideal of boundaries: without imposing imaginary limits to what can be achieved, he instead sets life-affirming, creation-inducing limitations on his own actions, his interaction with others and the word. As the image shows, this man is holding up a cube of boundaries with a sense of empowerment.

In other words, in a lesson in Stoicism, the message is to control what you can: yourself and your actions, with a sense of empowered creativity; but don’t try to dominate what is not up for us to control: the magnitude and wonder of the universe, and all that it brings to our lives.

The King of Swords fittingly appears as the distillation of the Emperor in the Sword energy of the previous card. He is the resulting mastery of the mind that is available to us once we skillfully set healthy, positive mental boundaries for ourselves instead of being imprisoned by imaginary ones.

Have a great week!

Deck used: Fountain Tarot