Tarot Reading for Humanity! The Courage to Look Within

There is an aspect of gentleness to the Pages/Maidens/Daughters that I really like. As a representative of the fire element, the Maiden of Wands speaks of gentle courage. She is well aware of the burning desire within her, but she pursues it with kindness. But what is she bravely pursuing?

A similar-looking figure appears in the next card, The Hermit. It’s as though the Maiden has started her journey and has embodied her mission. These two cards together speak of the gentle yet persistent courage to look within.

It takes guts to do inner work. To peer into the dark recesses of the mind to remove the cobwebs formed by years of rugged thought patterns. It takes strength to take an honest look into the heart and touch the source of pain and suffering. There may be ghosts lurking in there. Hurtful memories. When you shine the lamp of The Hermit inside, you get to see the bruises and the trauma. And it’s fucking hard. And it hurts like hell to shine a light on the dark corners in the depth of the human psyche.

But it must be done. Avoiding that work is lying to ourselves. Burying it amounts to planting seeds of soul sickness. So we look through the pain. Face the demons. We touch the tender heart so it may begin to heal. But for all that, we need courage. And with The Hermit’s lamp, the strength of spiritual warriorship is given to us. We claim it now.