Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Recharging with The Hermit

Well lookie here who came back for another day. Our beautiful friend Lady Hermit with her wise Joshua tree. I have felt that, and some of y’all have agreed, that there have been some restless energies going on since the partial eclipse / New Moon in Cancer. Because of that we would do well in strengthening our inner power, taking good care of our minds and souls, and recharge before we get moving again. The 4 of Swords I pulled on my Instagram Story “speed reading” yesterday keeps up with that theme.

The Ace of Wands often stands for new creative opportunities, but it also represents pure Spirit, the unadulterated life force that is present in us and in all that exists. It is the Light that is frequently depicted with The Hermit, guiding him towards awakening to the radiance that shines forth from all things. That Light is here guiding the path of each and every one of us.

The gentle Maiden [Page] of Pentacles shows up reversed today for us following The Hermit. This reversal to me is an invitation to put on brief hold any projects or new ventures. Just for a moment–only while we recharge and recenter ourselves in preparation for a new burst of enthusiasm.

The three cards paint a neat little sequential story: the fire of Spirit (Ace of Wands) is sequestered by The Hermit and kept as a light of inner guidance for rejuvenation and centering before any new adventures are begun (Page of Pentacles Rx).

Take good care of your self today!