Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Become like little children

We may have bitten more than we can chew this week. I certainly did! The Ten of Wands shows up to reflect the burdens we have placed upon ourselves, whether in terms of tasks and responsibilities in pursuit of our goals, or regarding the emotional and mental baggage we pile upon ourselves as we go through life but fail to practice constant release and surrender.

Surrender is such a paradoxical concept. One one hand, if we sit on our butts all day, we won’t achieve our desires. On the other hand, striving too hard causes grasping and resistance, which leads to our will not being made manifest. There is a fine balance between surrender and striving, like walking on a tight-rope that the figure on the Ten of Wands seems to be doing. The next card, the reversed Nine of Cups, can mean wishes unfulfilled or selfish striving. It speaks of a heart that is not full already and that seeks to fill itself with a myriad desires. Let us not be that.

There is a middle way. There is a path available to us that starts with having a heart that is filled to the brim by the wonder of Being itself, wherefrom we do and act in the world without tying our peace to any achievements or conditions. In that place, we work and live and do for the joy of creating and participating in the evolution of life; without overburdening our hearts and minds.

The Page of Coins is a great example for us this day. This child takes a practical approach to life, including the material life, that does not sap her of the innocent happiness with which we were all born and that still lies in us, available to be tapped into at any time. As the Christ said, “become like little children.” Once we do that, we enter a kingdom in which doing and acting goes hand-in-hand with loving creating, joyful abiding, and peaceful accomplishing.

Release your burdens today and approach your life from a place of completeness. You are complete already. Do your work today with full awareness of that!