Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Party at The Hierophant’s

What a great draw for a Friday! We have done some extensive spiritual work this past week, getting unstuck from the forces of inertia; doing shadow work; and taking a hard look at ourselves.

So we have plenty of reason to celebrate and be happy. The Hierophant here holds up a skull as if to show it to the world, and it represents the triumph of the spiritual warrior. The skull here can represent the cycles of life and death, and our recognition of the impermanence of our earthly selves but the infinity of our true Self. When we awaken, we do not do it alone. The entire Cosmos awakens with us. And it is this sense of a shared communal spirit that the High Priest reminds us of today.

The Three of Cups again repeats that message of shared joy that arises from the beauty of cosmic truth. The cups contain in them the splendor of stars and of worlds beyond our comprehension. Three dragonflies sit in repose. These animals are messengers of the spirit realm, here to call our attention to truth, to overflowing life, and to presence.

Be merry today! Be in community, with friends, or family. Or be content in your own Self. It’s a good day to have fun and let loose. You are invited to The Hierophant’s party, where life’s sweets will be flowing free.