Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Weekend. Inner Resources with the Cosmic Tarot

Closing up this week is a lovely reading with The Cosmic Tarot. The cards as usual lay out a neat message as to what should be leaving behind and how to move ahead. I am being aided by meanings from Jean Huets’ book.

The 8 of Swords of course shows our thoughts and self concepts that imprison and limit us. The Cosmic Tarot book describes it as “limitation of ideas”.

These self-limiting concepts restrain us and sap us of our natural energy. We are left in a state of self-pity, victim consciousness and bereavement as shown by the 5 of Cups. The book, however, spells out the silver lining of this state: “discovery of inner resources”. Sometimes when we are at our lowest is when we discover our inner strength and what we are capable of.

This conflict between our limited earthly self and our Higher Self, between what we pessimistically think we are and the strong being what we actually are is shown by the 5 of Wands. It shows the inherent attrition that is generated when we awaken to our power and seek to get up from depressive states. The book ascribes to this card “concentrated energy push”. That is an amazing positive meaning for this card.

The next card, the 9 of Cups, is described by the book as “difficulties surmounted.” It shows the payoff of the work we do in leaving behind self-limiting ideas, finding the inner resources we have available to get out of the funk, focus our energies towards our well being, and attain happiness and success.

The crowning card, Judgement, speaks of transformation and breakthrough, in theme with the other cards. One of the women is shown with her shackles being broken. There is great release in the forgiving of our mental constructs, the results of our karmic tendencies, and listening to the call of our hearts to be the authentic self that we’ve always been.

So, lovely little reading for closing this week. Leave behind your self-limitations, pick yourself up from your sorrow, find strength within, and make the push towards the surmounting of hardship, contentment, and peace. Your soul calls you on to do just that.