Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Catching The Chariot towards manifestation.

hen we receive a fresh burst of inspiration or a new creative idea from the Universe, it is not guaranteed that they will come to fruition. A new creative or passion venture can really propel us forward in life, carrying us with the power of its field of intention. However, in order to catch that train towards a creative journey, we need to be at the station on time. And that involves some work on our part.

The Ace of Wands appears for us on this Monday morning to represent any ideas, opportunities, and inspiration that we may have available to us. Something that excites us, something that has the potential to be something really great that will inspire us into pouring out our gifts and talents in the bringing about of something awesome. I have certainly had my fair share of those opportunities in my life. But how many actually took me anywhere?

The ones that did, those inspired ideas that contributed to my growth, all had one thing in common: they received my attention and careful work. And here the Eight of Pentacles shows up to remind us of the diligent, careful work; and all the learning that needs to be invested in order to make a new concept grow.

That combination of inspiration + work not only results in us having something to show for our money (8 of Pentacles); they actually have the ability to deliver us onto a wave of intention that can carry us far, as we are propelled by the great forces of The Chariot. The horses in the card represent our inspiration, our labor, and our High Self’s intentions that, if we are able to harness, can combine to take us on a ride of manifestation, creation, and growth.

So today we are invited to take the reins of our will and apply it towards the cultivation of our inspired ideas and opportunities. The yellow color on the two last cards speak of the light of consciousiness, and that is something that we can always tap into for guidance.

Happy Monday, and have a great week!