Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Releasing pain and heartbreak

This is a song for the broken hearted!

This day a message of love goes out to all of us who are in emotional and mentalpsychological pain or with broken hearts. Take heart! It is a good day to release. The 3 of Swords speaks of love pain; or any type of suffering. The No. 3 means growth. In the Sword suit (the mind), the growth of the mental processes acts like a mirror that reflects our pain, confronting us with the hurt within. Recognition of pain causes further suffering, like a feedback loop of emotional hurt. This emotional damage can arise from relationships, loss, or simply from the impermanence of all things. Whatever your case is, today this card is reversed, indicating a release of the pain. There is a chance for healing when we recognize and kindly accept that we are hurt. Resisting only compounds the suffering. Acknowledging allows for the healing to begin.

The 2 of Cups is the card of love, union, and emotional balance. We are drawn to that state as we release and begin to heal the hurt that is here. If your pain arises out of a lost relationship, focus on gaining back the equilibrium of your heart. This starts with recognizing and accepting the pain, and then acting in radical self-love. After all, the ultimate Union is that which happens within our own Self, as we commit to tend to our inner garden with care. If your pain comes from your existing love life, you are invited to let love heal things. Get the ego out of the way, and approach your loved one with honesty and with a tender heart.

After this loving work, we transition into the calmer waters of a healed inner landscape, shown by the 6 of Swords. There is still pain, but hope is on the horizon. The sky is starry, the path forward is clear. We head to the land of mended hearts.

No. 6 means harmony. So this is the story: as we leave behind the growing pains of the 3 of Swords, but before we reach the mental harmony of the 6 of Swords, we must go through love, emotional rebalancing, forgiveness, and union (with self, the other, the Divine). Release the pain today!