Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Intuitive knowing with The High Priestess

Two wonderful Major Arcana cards grace us with their presence. As the powerful Blood Moon approaches with its swift illusion-dispelling winds, we are called to dive deep into the pool of our subconscious awareness.

There is great freedom in realizing that we know nothing. When we realize the limitations of the rational-logic mind, we are free to plunge into direct knowing that is beyond all thought and all mental constructs. I love that The Fool on the Lumina is a woman. She shows that direct insight into the Ground of Being comes not from using only the male-oriented, linear modes of thinking. Instead, integral thinking, which includes but transcends rational-logic, involves the activation of the feminine power–our intuitive knowing. From that integrated outlook, merging our male and female aspects into a truth-seeing lens, we can let go of what we think we know or don’t know. We surrender to the freedom to drink from the knowledge that seeps up from the deepest aspects of reality and into our subconscious mind. We gain intuitive insight.

The wise High Priestess is our invitation to practice intuitive knowing and direct knowledge. Her image is mirrored, pointing to the magnifying effect that comes when we reflect upon the depth of our being. She holds up a wand symbolizing the spiritual knowledge she has acquired through diligent practice. There are specific practices you can apply to get in deeper touch with your intuition. Take the time to quiet your mind for a bit, whether through meditation, prayer, chanting, or just mindful breathing. Then, tune within to the internal vastness. Place a question if you wish. Then, without grasping or striving, simply watch for any images, sounds, scents, feelings and thoughts that arise on their own. Those are messages from the part of yourself that is so deep that it merges with the universal ocean of Being. Learning to catch those messages and to act upon them is a way that all of us can use to strengthen our intuitive abilities.

Have a beautiful intuitive voyage!