Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Soul alignment and fiery action

When we are in alignment with our truest self, with the purpose in our lives, and with the Cosmos at large, nothing can hold us back. We enter a vortex of creative strength, courage and determination that lifts us up and delivers us to a place of existential joy and brilliant being.

The Lovers card shows two wolves (my animal guides!) encircling a grid. They represent the choices that duel for our commitment, the ever-present swirl of concepts of who we are and of what we should be doing. They are our light and shadow natures, falling and rising like day and night forevermore. Somewhere within them, there is a choice. There is a path. There is a way that is in perfect alignment with the deepest callings of our soul. Once we heed that call, and enter that torrent of intention, there’s no denying that we are in the right path. The world brightens up. Everything becomes alight.

We are propelled with the Knight of Wands (my significator!) into taking fiery, determined action like an intrepid wind that knocks out obstacles and manifests in the world the wonders of a heart afire in dreams of goodness, love and grace for all. When one is aligned with oneself, the Cosmos itself envelops them in a field of action that knows no bounds.

We are delivered to the land of The Sun: we are clear in consciousness, awake in purpose, blessed in all we do, generous in spirit and loving in words. Our hands become channels for bringing forth a better, brighter world. And it all starts with one choice: heeding the deepest call of our heart.

May you listen to your heart today, and be aligned with your spirit. May this take you on a ride to radiant clarity of being. Yours is the choice, as hard or as easy as it may be.