Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! The High Priestess’ Two Choices

The High Priestess from 2 days ago makes a comeback today because the Moon is full, so it’s her party. All cards in this reading are numbers 2: the Priestess is No. 2, and she is flanked to the left by the 2 of Pentacles; and to the right by the 2 of Wands.

Numerologically, this reading is about balance and choices. The image of the High Priestess is mirrored, with each of her reflections pointing to the card to either side. She points to two paths that we can choose for our growth. She urges us to choose which way to go from a place of intuitive insight and spiritual knowledge. With this Full Moon, things come into clarity, but illusions also abound.

To her left she presents the 2 of Pentacles. You may choose this path if you need to manage that which you already have. There may be enough on your plate, and instead of pursuing further goals or grasping for anything else, you need instead to focus on what’s here. This card represents juggling of responsibilities, and keeping balance in the material aspects of life without dropping everything. You may feel like your situation is precarious, and that the plates that you are juggling may fall at any time. If that is the case, you are invited to take the path of self-care, manage your responsibilities well, acting with wisdom and foresight. Keep your stuff in balance, baby!

To her right, the Priestess offers the 2 of Wands. This path is for you who are in a more stable position in life at this moment, ready to get things going, or to speed things up. If that is your case, this Moon is an amazing time for you to get clear which options would better serve you, and what would be the best method to implement your plans. It is time to decide to act in expanding your horizons and getting things moving. If this is you, you can choose your next steps with confidence today.

Get clear with your intuition as to what you need: to manage what you have or to choose your next steps. Act from a place of balance, inner stability, being confident in your spiritual capabilities.