Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY: Releasing all beliefs

⚠️ [Warning: not for the spiritually tender].

Leaving behind traditional religious structures is exhilarating. But abandoning posts to which our entire persona may be tied to, and having the courage to continuously upend spiritual beliefs to acknowledge the great Emptiness in all things, is no easy task, and in fact requires a lifetime of diligence.

The reversed Hierophant indicates breaking free of religious conformity, and letting go of beliefs old and new. In the spiritual path, once we leave behind the religion of our parents, we may feel lost and without bearings. We may remain in this state of freefalling until we find something else to hang on to. This may be a wonderful new spiritual path, beliefs and ideas. This is all well and good, and has its place in orienting our lives, changing our perspectives, and priming us for deeper insights. However, we often confuse the vehicle for the destination and end up making an idol of new discoveries. We cling to new spiritual concepts.

Our Shaman reminds us that a path of spiritual bravery involves constantly reviewing the concepts that we cling to, even the “highly spiritual” ones. Because, let’s be honest—we know very little. Even assuming a spiritual universe, the existence of a permanent, indestructible soul is not a guarantee. Realizing that may feel like a rug is being pulled from under us. But only once that’s done can we detect the vast Emptiness supporting all reality. Only then do we learn to be comfortable with the fundamental uncertainty of all things.

It is no easy path. In fact, it is likely that you and I will not do that. Upending our views requires diligent work (8 of Pentacles). It asks for a moment-to-moment challenging of our own views, a constant relearning of how to live.

Today, if this speaks to you, you are invited to begin chiseling away at your spiritual constructs, one by one. The culmination of your work will not be something. It will be the showing of the face you had before your parents were born.