Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Slash-and-burnin’ by The Tower

Today’s message is short and sweet. Well, short and bittersweet.

The 6 of Pentacles by numerology represents the harmony in our life that was gained through previous cycles of growth and strife. It is that comfortable place in which we think our dance of give-and-take with the Universe is nice and stable and all is well. That’s when the Cosmos looks at us and goes “Nuh-uh, you must continue growing”, and BAM! Lightning strikes as The Tower appears. A piece of news arrives that shakes us to our core. Something happens that threatens to upend everything. A sudden realization challenges our mental status quo. We start to crumble down. Shit hits the fan.

All we can do is allow the destruction to pass. Resisting the upheaval does more harm than good. Surrendering to its power allows us a modicum of peace of mind as we undergo fear, pain, despair, and all those wonderful things.

After the slash-and-burn caused by fire from Above, we find ourselves stripped to our basics. Expectations, clinging, and constructs have been consumed like weeds on a field that has been felled. The ashes become fertilizer for a new crop to be put in. The Empress is our beacon of light through the storm, reminding us of the new growth, fresh creativity, and new cycles of abundance that await us on the other side of this. But for now, we hunker down and weather the storm. It’s still raining outside.