READING FOR HUMANITY! Mental housekeeping with the insect friends

Today a bunch of insects showed up in our reading. Let’s see if the Mantis can discern what they have to say.

The 6 of Cups speaks of memories and nostalgia, but in a sense they also speak of past expectations that no longer serve us, but that which we are still enslaved to. What all do we have stuck to the cobwebs of our mind? And how do these old desires affect us negatively today, blocking fresh inspiration?

The 10 of Cups today is reversed, indicating the emotional blockage caused by our failing to practice housekeeping of our mental storehouse, and to reassess our dreams and desires. This leaves us in an unfulfilled state, where we can’t get satisfaction.

The 4 of Pentacles invites us to regain balance in our life by taking a look at what we have and at what is before us, and to let go of inflexibility and control. This card indicates that we may have become too rigid in our expectations for ourselves, for others, and for life. Balance is regained as we allow for new dreams, ideas, and opportunities to take hold of our efforts.

Finally, The World that was crowning the deck is a sweet reminder of the sense of completion, wholeness, and satisfaction that is available to us as we become pliable to life, revisiting our concepts as we go, and being truly open to everything that arises in our world and awareness.

All of these wonderful winged creatures also remind me of little angels of the earth. Let us not forget that we are well protected by our guides and guardians as we sojourn in this planet. The Butterfly can symbolize renewal, rebirth, powerful transformation and metamorphosis. The Bee means creativity, organization, hard work and cooperation. The spider stands for rebirth, creation, strategy, intelligence and protection. The Moth–dreams, intuition, psychic awareness and, again, transformation. Together they really paint a neat message of constant renewal, inner work, faith and trust in the beauty of life.

BEE well, and don’t forget to clean up those cobwebs!