READING FOR HUMANITY! Overcoming mental barriers with the King of Wands

Today’s reading brings us an army of Swords. The Sword Suit is the realm of the mind, thinking, knowledge, and mental suffering. This message identifies aspects of the mental process that causes us to stumble and points the way towards overcoming them.

The 8 of Swords shows a morose couple that has placed 8 swords around them on a beach. Their feet touch water, indicating that their disposition affects them on a deep emotional level. This is the way in which our beliefs, ideas and thoughts can imprison us when we give them more reality than they have. We can do this as couples or groups too, creating collective mental cages.

The 9 of Swords shows a man in horror being pierced. The crumbling structures are the fragility of his mental state. Even though he is not dying, his thoughts are real enough to him to strike him with fear, terror, and panic.

The 7 of Swords shows the seductive power of burying traumas, pain and anguish in the sand and acting like nothing happened. That may feel like the easy way out, but bringing the shadows to the light is paramount in keeping a healed, healthy mind.

The 6 of Swords on this deck is a card of correct orientation, direction, and mental balance. The crowning card, it hints at the positive type of mental state that is available to us. But how do we get there?

The King of Wands points the way. He is not of the Sword suit. He indicates that the way out of mental prisons is not to be found in the mind itself. The Wands stand for fire; and fire stands for spirit. As multidimensional beings, the way to break out of the limitations of the brain is to go inward and drink from the power of the divine; and also to go outward and establish an identity that goes beyond the ego and merges with the Cosmos. When we embody the King of Wands, we become masters in the fire that maintains our very life. From there, we show the mind who’s boss: not thoughts, not opinions, not mental constructs. Rather, the energy of Spirit is at the helm, putting our mind to service and good use. Be empowered in yourself today!