READING FOR HUMANITY! We create our own opportunities

Some people are landed with sweet chances at life due to no work of their own. However, for the vast majority of situations, WE MAKE OUR OWN OPPPORTUNITIES!


The Magician graces us with his presence this morning, inviting us to check in with our creative drive, and to allow that which seeks to emerge through us to come forth. The Universe has implanted every one of us with the seeds of wonderful creations, but it is up to us to water them so that they can grow and bear fruit! You have skills, connections, and the universal laws at your disposal for the manifestation of your dreams. Don’t leave them lying on your table. Put them to work!


The Knight of Swords is “on fire with ideas” (from the Lumina companion book). He has become intimate with the wonderful callings that were planted in his spirit, and not only does he let those flourish into plans, ideas, and concrete dreams, he TURNS THEM TO ACTION! He won’t be sitting around waiting for his dreams to come true. Oh no, look at him–he’s not afraid to balance himself on his arms while upside-down while holding a damn sword with his feet as a falcon claws itself to his knees. Be the Knight of Swords! Don’t let inertia hold you back.


The reward for decisive action in the pursuit of our dreams is the landing of new opportunities, new beginnings, new ventures, new wealth, new life! That is shown by the Ace of Pentacles. Today, make a decision to put yourself in a position to receive all the chances for success that life has to offer. To do that, get dreamin’ and get actin’! The Cosmos rewards the diligent spirit. Open yourself up to the opportunities and fresh starts.


Go get’em!