READING FOR HUMANITY! The Moon, shadow work and intuition

Failure to take a hard look at certain deeper parts of ourselves has consequences. We may avoid the truth about those ugly personal aspects that need work; about habits and addictions that derail and hurt us; or about those areas within us that need healing. Engaging in denial and avoidance while failing to practice shadow work, deep listening and active healing can cause blockages to our intuition and to our connection with Source.

The Moon is reversed. She is the unwillingness to confront our fears, the lies we tell ourselves, projection of our insecurities onto others, and all the litany of issues that arise from a lack of shadow work. All of that must be brought to the light! It may not be all at once–in fact it may take a lifetime. But we must be constantly engaged in uncovering our darkness to let the Light heal the putrid parts of our being.

The Maiden of Cups is an energetic burst of intuitive insight. Being here reversed, she shows us the stunted intuition that arises from spiritual blockage. The soul is like a river. It must be allowed to flow with the waters of life. As we let fear, trauma, resistance, vice, lack of integrity, and negativity block its way, it starts to fester in a pool of stagnation. We stop trusting our connection to the Divine, and the messages we receive become less clear. Our visions become polluted. Our intuitive powers become greatly diminished.

Thankfully the Maiden’s mature version, the Queen of Cups, shows us what true emotional intelligence is like. Her image is mirrored because she has integrated both her shadow (below) and her light (above) aspects. She is not afraid to look into the muddy parts of her life, to face her fears, to see into her insecurities and projections. The cup of her heart runs over with compassion for the mistakes of others, because she has seen the sins within her own self—and dealt with them accordingly.

Don’t allow your connection to the Source of all life to be buried in mud. Strive to see everything in truth. Bring everything to the light. Regain your intuitive insight.