READING FOR HUMANITY! Watering the Seeds of Inspiration

When you receive inspiration for an idea that burns in your heart, take the steps to bring it to fruition. Throughout our lifetimes, we receive the seeds of a myriad concepts and dreams that have the potential to grow and become trees under which shade so many people could take rest. Don’t throw away the inspiration you receive from Spirit.

The Ace of Swords represents new ideas and concepts for things that have the potential for material structure in the world. In the card, behind the Sword you see shapes materializing into something real. These are the dreams that are implanted in your mind for their manifestation.

The Page of Coins brings the childlike enthusiasm of someone who discovered a great source of inspiration within them and runs out to the world to show it off and to materialize it. You are invited to be like this earth child and announce your ideas with joy, knowing that they will receive fertile ground in which to grow.

The Page brings a coin in the direction of the Six of Coins, showing the growth and abundance that is available as we deliver our seeds of creativity into the world with trust and empowerment. As we give to the world, we receive. As we take care of others, we are taken care of. As we give a shaded spot to tired souls, so are our own souls received in a place of rest and generous returns.

If any particular idea of yours ends up not bearing obvious fruit, don’t give up. Consider it part of your larger project on Earth, and accept it as a minor hiccup in view of a larger success.

This day, give as you have been given. Bless the ideas you receive from our Source, and water them with your work, your care and your life. You will be returned your due harvest.