READING FOR HUMANITY! Hanging out with your pet bat

The Ace of Swords appears reversed for us today indicating a state of lack of mental clarity, confusion, and clouded thinking. If you ever find yourself in that state, you may want to pause your actions for a moment so that you may gain insight into your situation and move forward with wisdom.

The Hanged Man (which comes back a second day in a row) is an invitation to put things on pause as you figure out your situation. Sometimes in life, despite our lack of vision, we need to keep moving with faith that things will work out. Other times, however, we do well in holding off and reassessing our possibilities. That may not feel very good—you may feel like you are hanging upside down over a precipice. But, at least you have your cute, rabies-free pet flying fox to keep you company! Your inner bat of intuition will let you know when it’s time to take flight again.

When you get the all-clear to keep going again, do so with the deliberate inner mastery of the Queen of Pentacles. Look at her chillin’ on her big fancy chair with her pet bear power-napping at her feet! Get it, queen. Her inner mastery is reflected in her gentle control over her world. Draw on the Coin Queen’s power to regain the clarity of mind that results from a holistic, centered and calm outlook of your surroundings.

Well, that was that. Have a great day!