READING FOR HUMANITY! A Full Heart is Fertile Ground

An overflowing heart is fertile ground for inspiration. When our hearts are full, we tap into an abundance of spirit that spills out onto the world in the form of creative ideas, inspired creations, and new concepts. The Three of Cups contains the number 3, which is the number of expansion, growth, and creation. Being of the Suit of Cups, it also speaks of emotions, relationships and subconscious. So the number/suit association reveals emotional growth, expansive relationships, and subconscious creation. In other words, it signifies a heart that is replenished with the love of life, of self, and others.

From that tilled ground of a fulfilled soul arises the Ace of Wands, that fiery burst of enthusiastic energy that is full of potential and possibility. It speaks of divinely guided ideas; zest for life; enthusiasm and creative power. It is a divine gift that spontaneously appears in our being when our joy is complete. Sometimes we may think we need to be engaged in something to feel complete. But oftentimes, things work the other way around: it is our inner completeness that gives rise to inspired action, taking us far and wide in an adventure of pursuit of our dreams and use of our talents.

When your heart is full, pay even closer attention to what you are being inspired to do. Some of the best ideas grow from perfect love.