The Queen of Swords and the Integration of Suffering

The Queen of Swords is one of my favorite Court cards (“Mother of Swords” in this deck). She may seem like a cold-hearted bitch but that’s only because she has gone through so much shit. She is the result of a lifetime of suffering, trials, and tribulations. She has undergone the entire Swords suit and all of its pain. Today’s reading shows how she has also traversed the emotionally turbulent waters of the Suit of Cups, adding a certain tenderness and compassion to this Queen without compromising her sharp wits and commitment to truth.

The 6 of Cups shows the memories of a simpler time in the Queen’s life, and the nostalgia for the period before her trials commenced. Like that pensive unicorn, she looks back to golden days with bittersweetness. She knows that her troubles made her a stronger person, but still wishes that some things simply had not happened.

The 9 of Cups shows the numerous cycles that the Queen has gone through. For many moons has she lived, and many beginnings and endings has she witnessed. She saw her heart’s desires be fulfilled, only to have them taken away from her. She let her heart be full, only to see it emptied by sorrow and loss. She knows the pain of a wish that is crushed.

The 8 of Cups represents the many transitions she underwent. So many times in her life she has had to turn around and leave her love behind. She had to leave dreams behind. She was forced to undergo journeys without knowing where she was headed but well aware of the certain joy that was now at her back.

Those tribulations have certainly left their mark on this Mother. She is scarred and it shows. However, she emerged from them as a true Seer. Her sight is keen, and her advice is sage. Having integrated her pain in the full glory of the meditative mastery of her suit, she gives counsel par none. She invites you to integrate your own pain and trauma too… not for your personal despair, but for the service of others. We can help others through our own pain.