READING FOR HUMANITY! Power Couples to the Rescue!

Happy Monday! Gosh, I slept horribly. Must have been all the energy of the moon. I need some motivation for this week! I asked the cards and they gave me two power couples to help kick things into gear.

Knight of Cups + Strength. This couple is full of power and energy. The Knight of Cups here represents taking action from the heart. Taking steps in the world based on that which fills our heart with desire and good emotions is a sure way to tap into our inner source of Strength. It allows us to tame our inner beast with gentle persuasion and to turn its force to do our good bidding in the world. The Knight may be feeling a little unmotivated but he is glimpsing at Strength. He is digging into his heart and finding a light there that will show him the path towards purposeful accomplishment of his love mission. These cards are for you if you know what you’d love to do but just need some encouragement to take bolder steps.

The Emperor + Ace of Coins. This other couple provides us with a grounding, promising and fresh energy. The Emperor blesses us with self-awareness, protection, and confidence. Look at him use his power to create a Cube of controlled order from chaos. From what was once chaotic, something new emerges: the Ace of Coins, representing abundance either material or spiritual. So no matter what is going on in your life, once you get to the point where you can use your inner power to stabilize your situation with trust in your own protection, you set the stage for new perspectives, new opportunities, and new beginnings to happen. The Emperor also represents certain universal laws of order and structure that we can all tap into for the benefit of ourselves and the world.

So pick your power couple or choose both! Draw on these energies that are available to us now: the strength that comes from acting from the heart; and the order and opportunities that arise out of the application of our inner power. Be well and strong!