READING FOR HUMANITY! Clearing Inner Conflict with the Ace Tiger

I had asked that today’s draw be about conflict. Well, I got it! The Two of Swords is a card of mental conflict, of being frozen between two (or more) choices. I love that in this deck the swords are bound and have an anchor hanging from them, indicating the great weight and burden caused by indecision and inner conflict.

The Ace of Swords is a great power of mental clarity, but overt focus on the mind can cause its own type of paralysis. It is great to see ourselves truly, if we don’t balance out the mental process, we may begin to judge all we do to the point that we lose our spark. That is particularly true for those of us who work creatively or spiritually. We become so aware of all we do that we end up dead in our tracks. But there is a way out!

This adorable Hermit points us to that message that is so common but that we still flub: going within to find our innermost truth; and acting in the world from that inner source of inspiration, insight, ideas, joy, and life. As we look within, the Owl of the hidden secrets hands us the key to our true self and to the expression of our gifts and talents.

The result of that inner tapping is the Ace of Wands. With divine inspiration in hand, we awaken that tiger of bold expression within us. Like the sunrays just perfectly reflecting off my crystal in the picture, the Truth dispels our mental fog, confusion, self-judgment, and analysis paralysis. Having broken free from the moors of mental build, that heavy anchor can no longer drag us down.

Give yourself permission to steer away from unhealthy forms of self-analysis and confusion, and to work, live and love having your truest source of joy and inspiration as your foundation.