Getting back in touch with the Awakened Heart

Hi friends! Today I don’t have a Reading for Humanity! per  se, just some scattered thoughts. Feeling a bit off, like that chimpanzee on this reversed Nine of Wands. He got so busy swinging from branch to branch in his wand forest (the forest of his passions), that he forgot all about the spark in his heart that started him on this venture to begin with. Now the wands are making him feel restricted and like he does not have the strength to go on. If only he could get back in touch with his nude inner radiance, he would regain his natural perseverance, faith, and drive to carry on.

So I’m thankful that The Naked Heart card appeared today. This is the extra Major Arcana in this deck. The booklet says it is related to alignment with divine purpose. That beautiful place that I’ve already talked about this week—that sweet spot of Higher Self alignment that is like fresh water that soothes the soul. This card to me is the Bodhicitta, the Awakened Heart, the naked heart of the spiritual warrior that is pure and free from clinging and grasping; while being open to the expansiveness of reality; fully aware of the world and of the suffering therein; and tender to the touch due to being full of the simplicity of Being and of compassion for the journeys of others.

Following The Naked Heart, the cycle restarts, and I’m given a chance to start afresh with the simple and innocent yet fearless dance of The Fool. May I be like his Crescent that is waning so that a new phase may begin. May I return to that innocence and never lose touch. And may you do so too.