READING FOR HUMANITY! Empowered by the Balance of Ying and Yang

The Chariot appears today symbolizing the powerhouse that is available to us once we balance out our light and dark aspects; but most importantly, when we strike harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within us. The Chariot has great strength to propel us forward in life, and that strength is achieved by the harnessing of the black and white horses that represent our inner dualities. This card is accompanied by The Empress on one side, and The Emperor on the other side.

This isn’t about gender. Each individual woman, man (and gender non-binary folk) all possess within them differing mixes of the feminine and masculine principles and express them in their own unique way. Given that this duality seems to be part of the very fabric of the Universe, striving for and achieving wholesomeness of embodiment and expression of these principles is a certain recipe for the creation of empowered, whole, and fulfilled individuals.

The Empress calls on us to check in with ourselves and see how we can embody more bold creativity, nurturing, expansive compassion, love, tenderness, receptivity, community and feminine power. The Emperor beckons us to see how we can serve through our individual agency, benevolent control, leadership, an enlightened sense of boundaries, and an all-inclusive sense of justice and rights.

As we harmonize our ying and yang, we catch a ride with that Chariot towards a place of emotional, psychological and interpersonal fulfillment and completeness that we see with the 10 of Cups. Check in with yourself today and see which energy needs to be brought to balance within you. Personally, I need to take the time to call on my Feminine side to show more care and attention towards those in my immediate proximity. How about you?