READING FOR HUMANITY! Lessons in Tower Survival with the King of Cups

Ah, it’s so nice to have a second Sunday today! If you’re in the US and don’t work today, that is. I pulled a couple of cards for us.

The Tower on The Fountain Tarot is simply superb. Notice how the only part of this tower that is crumbling are the four excess stories that have been added to the structure that was once perfectly balanced. When the building consisted of three levels below the balance point, and three on top, all was well—it was in equilibrium. However, once more stories were added, things got out of hand and the thing became top-heavy. Those unnecessary levels became unstable and are now falling down. They represent the many beliefs, concepts, mental constructs, emotional baggage, and relationship networks that we accumulate through life. At some point, this excess becomes too much of a burden and must fall down. As the guidebook suggests, this card represents “The Inessential Destroyed.”

The Tower card likes to stalk us Tarot readers and querents. And it does not lie. It often precedes some kind of upheaval, whether emotional or very real and physical. But as we come to see its benefits as part of the natural chaos of universe, we start to develop a certain strength in the face of adversity that helps us through life.

Check out this King of Cups. The waters around him are rather choppy, and the ocean of life throws waves at him. He is not moved, however, as he is kept serene and protected by the large cup-throne that surrounds him, representing the mastery of his heart and of his subconscious mind that he has attained through a courageous and wise attitude towards the ways in which parts of his own life have been torn away and separated from him.

Let’s learn from the King of Cups’ top-level mastery of his emotions as life causes to crumble away all the parts of ourselves that are stale and no longer necessary!