The Kabbalah Oracle: Samech and Divine Protection

As I was meditated yesterday, I received a message and wrote it down on my journal. Given its use of Hebrew Scriptures, this morning I drew a card from my Kabbalah oracle cards. I’d like to share the message, I hope it resonates.


“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” ~Psalm 23

The traditional and culturally-laden meanings of this verse can hide the direct message it conveys. Translated to modern terms, it could say: “The greatness of the Kosmos is my guide; I am already complete” or “…everything I need is provided for.”

It is at once an affirmation of the inherent completeness of the human spirit as a spark of divine creation; as well as a statement of trust and faith in the providing and nurturing nature of Reality.

COMMENTS: Given my Christian upbringing, that verse from the book of Psalms came very strongly to me. It’s a mantra that I use often in times of both fear and joy. Although its religious language can turn some of us off, if you interpret the language employed by King David in his song, you are able to touch a connection to the Sacred that is cross-cultural and very human.

This morning I drew a Hebrew letter from the Kabbalah oracle. I was hoping that a letter that starts one of the words in Psalm 23 would appear. Instead, the Universe had a more perfect choice. The letter Samech appeared.

If you look at Samech’s shape, it is like a circle. According to two Kabbalah oracle guides, this letter is a symbol of “safety and protection.” So how fittingly it appeared! “Samech reminds us that we’re always enclosed within the protective embrace of a higher force.” The other guide says that Samech initiates the Hebrew word for “shield” and “buckler”: “The Psalmist sings that God ‘shall be your shield and buckler’ (Ps. 91:4)”.

So, if this resonates with you, invite into your heart these very good, protective, nurturing, and safe-guarding energies. They are part of the fabric of the Kosmos, and available to you at all times, particularly as you suffuse your consciousness with them.

Be safe, be protected, be guarded, and be well! Blessings of protection to you.