READING FOR HUMANITY! Don’t ignore your intuition!

Our lovely owly High Priestess is upside down this day. I feel like the eye in the Hamsa behind her is staring at us with a bit of judgement, echoing the Judgement card that was crowning the deck. That eye is judging us for ignoring our own intuitive insights; and for blocking, delaying, and frustrating the advice that the deeper part of ourselves is giving us.

Ignoring intuition comes at a price. Every little intuitive message that is ignored causes a little sting. We are meant to live freely in communication with our Higher Self, receiving its messages of wisdom and omniscience and applying them into our lives. When those messages are thwarted by our conscious self, we hurt ourselves a little bit each time.
Look at that poor rat friend on the Ten of Swords. No, he’s not dead. But his spirit was inflicted many wounds. One wound for that sign that he pretended not to see. One prickle for that inner warning that he suppressed. One stab for that word of encouragement that he acted like it wasn’t there. A cut for each of his fears that he was ordered to face but that he didn’t. He collapsed from the weight of his persistent ignorance. That is how our mind and soul can feel as we progressively suppress the knowledge that seeps up from deep within us.

The butterfly on the Judgement card also has eyes to see. They are that powerful reflection you see when you look into own eyes in the mirror and mentally tell yourself a truth that you cannot deny. In less flowery terms, those are our eyes seeing through our own bullshit. Flight into higher reams is possible, but first we need to get real about what we are avoiding. We need to practice not only developing our intuition, but obeying it as well. “Obey” may be too strong of a term, but I’ll leave it. Maybe it will cause my own ass to listen to the words of That which knows much more than I do.

What intuitive insight are you avoiding? How is that hurting you? Avoid the additional pain by getting in sync with what your innermost self is urging you on to do.