READING FOR HUMANITY! New Moon in Virgo Reading

READING FOR HUMANITY using the Celtic Cross because YOLO, that’s why! For this new lunar cycle.

Behind us is the wishing and dreaming phase of the 9 of Cups. We leave that behind in order to act to concretize our dreams. The Princess of Cups in the Present shows us getting in touch with our intuitive insights and engaging in the manifestation of our desires. We are being blocked by The Magician indicating that our abilities to put universal laws into application will be tested and challenged as things get real.

Up ahead in the Future we have The Star that is like a shining beacon of hope, urging us on to have faith in the power of the Universe to help us out. In any even we will undergo transformation. The 7 of Cups indicates we may be distracted by the many choices we have for the path ahead, with some of them being unrealistic or even motivated by fear and illusion. So let’s be careful with shadows. But undergirding this month is the Prince of Wands indicating that we are driven by a desire to move forward with boldness and action. Amazing fiery energy here available for us.

As the “we” card we got the King of Pentacles showing us being bathed by this earthy energy with the New Moon in Virgo, and seeking to be careful while still evolving and progressing in life. The 10 of Wands in the Environment shows not only that this is a time of completion for many of us, but that it may be accompanied by a sense of burden that we must be careful about. Also this card shows Saturn which has gone direct and now positively influences our abilities to manifest.

Our Advice with the 3 of Wands is to expand our horizons about what is possible and have a bigger faith in what we can achieve, without losing touch of our sense of joy and gratitude for life.

For the Outcome we got the 4 of Swords clarified by Judgement, showing that at the end of this cycle we will come to a state of rest after strife, and reflection about what we’ve accomplished, while also checking our progress against the calling of our soul, to make sure we’re aligned with our holy work.

So: strong manifesting powers; careful with illusions and fear. Let’s apply universal laws with mastery yet surrender.