READING FOR HUMANITY! Mental Strength for the Coming Season

Lots of Swords energy in this reading on the day preceding the Equinox and just as we enter Libra season. Libra’s main tarot card is Justice, a card that is seen holding a sword and deeply associated with this suit’s aspects of fairness, true and penetrating sight, accountability and honesty.

As the a season ends and a new one begins, both in terms of Autumn arriving and of a new astrological season coming on, we may be feeling a deep tugging at our hearts from forces that seek to pull our attention towards our recent past, what we’ve done, what we failed to do, what we’ve accomplished or learned. I am certainly undergoing what seems like a giant deja-vu which has me analyzing the present moment in view of this exact same moment last year and in years past. This certainly brings a wave of inadequacy or anxiety over what has not been accomplished according to plan; but the true reason for this calling is to check in with ourselves and decide what needs to be left behind and what needs to be yet completed or pursued.

The Maiden of Swords heralds a new phase of mental acuity and honesty with ourselves that comes from allowing our emotions to stabilize in this moment (4 of Cups) so that we may test the waters of our subconscious and see if and how they need work.

The King of Swords whispers the sense of mental mastery, self-leadership and positive influence over the world that comes from a mind that is tranquil, ever-refreshed, and renewed (4 of Swords).

The Ace of Swords presents us with the way and the means for intrepidness of mind and heart that is available to us as we embark on this final push towards the end of the yearly cycle in December. We are provided with and we claim for ourselves in this moment the gifts of mental clarity, right judgment of our lives, honesty that brings transformation, and the constant renewal of our minds.

This is a good time to engage the powers of the mind over our emotions, our relationships, our bodies and material world. We are being given the weapon of spiritual warriorship, so let’s make good use of it!