READING FOR HUMANITY! Empowered by Spirit

Hi friends! This is a short and quick one, as I’m in the middle of an 8 of Wands situation myself, very very busy with work and school. Unsurprisingly I drew a reading with lots of wandsy fiery active energy. Here, have some of my energy cuz it ain’t gonna last long!

The Mother (Queen) of Wands can represent being in touch with our spirituality. This reversed Queen can indicate being out of touch with our inner spirit, or failing to see how the patterns within our mind and heart can affect our reality and bring about undesirable circumstances. I truly believe that our spiritual being is the foundation of a strong life. When that foundation is made of sand and becomes shifty, things go awry in many aspects. But as we prop ourselves up by being ever connected to Spirit, via practice and awareness, we can withstand the ebbs and flows of life with resilience. So this card here is just a reminder to always come back to our inner anchor.

Once that’s done, it’s really incredible how things happen and life can speed up, as shown by the 8 of Wands. A strong spirit gives us the power of the gracious gazelle, who can navigate the obstacles of life with ease and who is always moving forward. Connection to the divine also gives us the mighty sword that is the Ace of Wands, with which we are empowered in ourselves, in our work and relationships. While we are in the middle of this vortex of energy and action, opportunities are always arising, and strength and power flows through us and onto the world.

More power to us, today!