READING FOR HUMANITY! Perseverance and Foresight

Yay, another clear read (for me) with the Animal Totem Tarot! Excited to use this deck more and more. It’s taken some time LOL. Today’s reading reflects the fact that we are well into the waning of the year, and calls for the deepening of the reflections that we’ve made since the Equinox and that powerful Full Moon in Aries, who by the way appeared in yesterday’s Speed Read as the 9 of Wands and reappeared today, because it’s really persistent like that.

This 9 of Wands’ ram has a message of encouragement in calling on us to persist, to have faith, to not give up, and to keep pushing towards the finish line. Let us not give up on the good work that we’ve started. Let us stand our ground keeping in mind that we just need to climb a little higher towards our goals—we’re not done yet!

Judgement and the Reindeer is a calling to again do a deep check with our past intentions and see how far we’ve progressed and adjust accordingly. Now is the time to drop anything that is superfluous or ancillary to our main intentions, and to focus on the main thing. Before long it will be Christmas, are you ready for that?!?

The Empress and the Cow repeat the theme of growing a nice thick fur to prepare for winter—this is a good time, guys, to strengthen ourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally and “fatten up” our soul in preparation for the harsher months that are ahead of us. We must do this, of course, with self-love, compassion, and kindness to others. But again, let us focus on our continuous growth as Autumn (or Spring) is underway.

Finally the 2 of Wands and the Ray wrap things up with a message to look ahead, onward and upward, going along with our plans and decisions based on the conclusions we have made in response to our inner Judgement. Focus on the finish line, with foresight towards the closing of the year–that’s not here yet–but that is approaching at a steady pace.

So, the message is: perseverance, faith, growth, preparation, planning and forward-sight! Blessings to you and yours.